Cape Cod Vacation – Hyannis

Cape Cod vacation continues…



Hyannis is in mid-Cape. I would consider it the main town in Cape Cod. There are buses going to Hyannis from South Station, Boston. From the bus stop, you can walk 10 min to the ferry terminal to take the ferry to Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket.

Things to do

  • Veterans Park Beach

This is a park where you can picnic or barbeque by the beach. You can see the ferry coming in and out from there. The water was warm enough to be in it. But there is a yacht club next to the beach and also the ferry so close by, so there is some traffic in the water that you better not go too far out. There’s an entrance fee during beach hours.



  • Kalmus Beach

It is just around the corner of Veterans Park Beach. It shares similar view as the Veterans Park Beach. But at its farthest point, you can get really close when an island ferry passes by. It does get a bit quiet after the beach hour.


  • Bayview Beach

A small beach with free parking. Close to the busy area in Hyannis. You can watch the boats going in and out of the harbor. Other than these, it is just a small, but convenient beach.



  • Main Street in Hyannis

There are many interesting shops and restaurants on Main Street. It is touristy but vibrant. I love walking on Main Street every time I go to Hyannis. Everyone there is vacationing and it makes it really cheerful and enjoyable to just stroll around the street.


  • Cape Cod Potato Chips Free Tour

They provide a free, self guided tour in the factory. You can spend as much time as you want, but it will probably just take you half an hour for the whole stay. At the end of the tour, there is a small shop where you can buy different flavors of Cape Cod chips. It is nice to go there during the hottest time of the day as it has A.C. 🙂


  • Cape Codder Resort & Spa

We stayed here once with a group of friends in a suite room with a jacuzzi. This hotel has an indoor wave pool like a little water park. It would be a nice place to stay with kids, especially during winter time when you don’t want to go outside.


Places to eat

  • Brazilian Grill

Food was absolutely delicious! It became our must go place every time we go down to the Cape. I especially like their grilled sirloin! It was very flavorful and tender. I also like their brazilian food section. Love their cheese balls and fried plantain!!! This place is always packed. I suggest making reservation. I would recommend going there for lunch on weekdays as it is cheaper but still a large selection. It’s a buffet but you can also get it take out in a box for a flat rate.



A cute french bakery in day time and a cozy and romantic bistro in night time. They have indoor and outdoor seatings. Lunch sandwiches were very good, so was the food at dinner.  At night, it is a totally different ambience. We love sitting outside at night feeling the summer breeze. They actually offered us loafs of bread to take home after dinner. A very nice gesture.


*** These 2 restaruants are the ones that we would definitely go back when we go to the Cape.***


  • Bangkok Kitchen

Their thai food was not as good as those in Boston, but it is ok to go if you crave for asian food.




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