Girls’ Night at Pikaichi Ramen

on a wednesday night, we were gonna check out the “public open night at the observatory” at Boston University for some star gazing… but too bad, it was canceled cos of overcast night sky…

we picked this ramen place cos it’s close to the observatory and easy to park in the 88 supermarket place

it’s my second time there, but i like the rice better than the ramen. they have the rice plates like curry rice or don like at Cafe Mami at Porter Exchange. i just hope that they have green tea smoothie too :]

the japanese lady who served us was very polite and smiled all the time! i can’t wait to go to Japan this winter!!!

Fried octopus balls

Tonkatsu curry rice… free refill of rice

cherie’s Yakidon

after dinner, we went to Japonaise Bakery across the street for desserts and more chitchatting

the bakery was empty during these hours, so we had the whole bakery for ourselves xD

cherie got the ichigo cream and i got the azuki donut with red bean paste

i was skeptical about these sweet pastries but surprisingly it wasn’t very sweet, it’s perfect and very tasty!


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