Boston Summer Restaurant Week at Fugakyu

since my sister birthday was around restaurant week, so we [I] picked Fugakyu for dinner with Henry & Shelly cos we were all sushi lovers…. mind as well try their restaurant week menu :] plus it’s D’s first time to eat at Fugakyu


Salmon Kinuta

Dashi Marinated Tomatoentre


their presentations were really good. but the fish wasn’t that great.

OmakaseDashi Sushi Set … brown rice sushiPan-seared King Crab Cake with Mushroom Risotto

we bet no one ordered this because the manager came and asked Shelly how it was cooked and if it was dry and any opinons… the waitress came to ask too after the managerLychee Mochi Ice Cream … i like mochi ice cream to be chewy… but this one was not… so i switched with D… i like his creme brulee better ^^Green Tea Crème Brulee overall it was just ok…

i wouldn’t come back to Fugakyu for restaurant week.


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