Old Silver Beach in Falmouth, Cape Cod

Old Silver Beach is my favorite beach in the New England!!!

a few years ago when my friends and i passed by this beach in an evening, we just couldn’t help but stopped by to walk on the beach.  it was a big surprise that the sand was so soft and fine, and the water was so calm and warm!! we were not ready for beach but we ended up dipping in the water in our shirts and shorts.

i was so looking forward to coming back to this beach. finally we did this time. the beach didn’t disappoint. the water was a little cold but still warmer than the other beaches in the Cape, because it’s in the Buzzard Bay. it was around 2:30pm and the parking lot was full, so we had to detour to grab some ice cream before coming back to check. parking was $20. they have a resident parking lot too, but still cars were waiting in line to get in.

gotta check the tide times. when it’s high tide, water can get as high as in this picture!


2 thoughts on “Old Silver Beach in Falmouth, Cape Cod

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