Pain D’Avignon in Hyannis, Cape Cod

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Pain D’Avignon is a bakery in day time and a French restaurant in night time.

i read many good reviews on Yelp about this restaurant, so it was my first choice to try for dinner.

we got there at 9pm, good thing they closed at 12am.

it’s a nice & breezy midsummer night, so we picked to be seated outside.

midsummer night 仲夏夜 … i like it!

i had grilled octopus for appetizer, somehow it’s not chewy at all but soft and tender, which is weird for octopus. D had french onion soup.  he said he wouldn’t want to have it at Panera Bread anymore =p

since we both love risotto so D got the grilled shrimp risotto, while i got the special, the grilled stripe bass with summer vegetables. i like the shrimp risotto better. the stripe bass was not bad, it was moist but the veggies wasn’t standing out. the risotto just had so much flavors in it ^^”

the bill was close to $100 after tips, but we think the food was worth the money =]

before we left, they gave us a loaf of focaccia bread and baguette bread to take home. what a nice treat!

but i really wanna try their croissant or sandwiches for breakfast! maybe next time!


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