Lunch at Totto Ramen in NYC

on a saturday afternoon, we wanted to do a quick lunch before going to Jersey Garden Mall. i picked Totto Ramen cos i hv heard about it for a while and it seems pretty popular after Ippudo..

however, it turned out to be a very long wait. it was a very small place with a few tables and bar seats. for 3 of us, it was about an hour wait with many ppl ahead of us at about 2pm… its pork belly which was not on the menu. we specially requested it cos we had a really good one at Ippudo. we liked Ippudo’s better ^^” cos it was more tender n more ramen with char siu. their broth is different cos it’s chicken broth instead of pork bone broth at other ramen places. personally i just prefer pork bone broth. the chicken broth was kinda plain to me. but the char siu was really good after they torched it.hmmmm… been there done that.


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