Late Supper at Cha Chan Tang 茶餐廳 in Chinatown, NYC

it was a friday night. after work, my girl friends and i took the lucky star bus to NYC from South Station. when we got there it was already 10pm. so we had our late night supper at this HK style cafe. glad they open til 12am! but food was a disappointment this time… =\

this is the special HK style milk tea. they don’t put ice in the drink so the ice won’t water down the milk tea :]楊枝金露… mango juice with grapefruit and tapioca. disappointed cos it wasn’t made with real mango juice.炒貴刁, 米線 & 碗仔翅.. disappointed with the first two, but the imitated shark fin soup was good!my favorite hk cafe food… french toast! 西多士… it was good last time i had it here, but this time i requested honey, but they kept giving me syrup.. it’s just not the same!! 


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