Gyu Kaku Japanese Barbeque in NYC, East Village

since we stayed in Downtown Marriott , so we passed by the new World Trade Centers everyday. this one is one of the new WTCs. i just snapped a picture of it so that we can see how much it has progressed compared to January this year.

for our last lunch, we came to Gyu Kaku for Japanese BBQ. we like their happy hour menu cos everything is cheaper. i especially like their garlic rice!! YUMMY!! i think it’s cooked with beef’s fat… >< ah not healthy =p oh and i like their marinated beef tongue! something that i would order again!

before we took the lucky star bus back to boston, we went to HongKong Station 香港站 to grab some drinks for our bus ride. i always come here to get my favorite milk tea! real 香濃奶茶!!! something that we can’t get in Boston Chinatown v_v it happened to be UEFA final on that day, so it was PACKED with people watching the soccer game!! 好耐冇見過e d情景了!


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