Dessert Club ChikaLicious, NYC East Village

after the delicious yakitori dinner, we saved our stomach for some desserts. We took the cab to ChikaLicious in East Village. then we found out the ChikaLicious Dessert Bar was just right across the street.  it was close to 11pm and we stayed until they closed.

from the website, i thought ChikaLicious Dessert Club was just a cupcake place. i’m not a cupcake person, so i didn’t hv any expectation about this place. but i was wrong. they have different kinda desserts which are not on the menu on their website. Cherie picked the tres leches tiramisu and i had the green tea yuzu molten cake. she loved hers and i really liked mine!!! lingling was not feeling well so she didn’t get any, so she missed out =p  my green tea cake wasn’t too sweet n the filling was some sorta citrus juice which gave a really good balance of sweet & sour. the sorbet went really well with it too. refreshing! i’m glad we went there :] i hope i will get to try the Dessert Bar across the street next time!


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